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My name's Jaime, a creative enthusiast based in Birmingham, UK. My experience in photography and video work proves through my studies at college and University; after graduating with a first class degree in film and animation I decided to take my studies further and gain experience in a vast range of art-forms and techniques.
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Need that creative idea in your head come to life? Nuge uses 2D animation and kinetic typography for music videos, video production through interviews, vlogs and advertisment spotlights, and finally, photography and photo retouching! This is something I've always found especially fun whether it be new products needing bright and eyecatching images, lifestyle documentation, or portraiture work.


I shoot portraiture and cosplay photography often from attending regular conventions and festivals. The shoots I provide for these events are always free! I really enjoy retouching photos and compiling awesome videos with other creative people in my spare time.

Don't be afraid to drop me a message asking about the events I'll be attending, hope to see you there! :)


I love to keep track of my work to date;

Feel free to check out my most recent projects below or in more detail over in the recent work tab.


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