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Something a few of my creative friends have asked me about previously, and here we have it! I have been building this bundle of presets / filters for the past couple of years now and I’m ready to share It with anyone who would find them useful for completing their own projects too 📸

You will have access to over 100 different themes and colour palettes adjusted specifically for portraiture and cosplay photography, and it doesn’t stop there! I will continue to update the folder each month with new presets that I take pride, time and joy in making 🌟 

I recommend playing with the basic sliders after applying the preset, especially adjusting exposure, shadows and highlights so you can get the best results possible 🌸


✓ Works with the Lightroom CC Desktop & Mobile Versions for Mac and Windows (.xmp)
✓ Works with Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw for Mac and Windows (.xmp)
✓ Works on JPG & Raw Image Formats
Thank you for supporting my work and taking the time to check out my store :) ♡

My Lightroom Presets (Cosplay Edition)

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