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Something a few of my creative friends have asked me about previously, and here we have it! I have been building this bundle of presets / filters for the past couple of years now and I’m almost ready to share It with anyone who would find them useful for completing their own projects too 📸

With this full collection, you will have access to over 1000 different themes and colour palettes that I've either created myself or downloaded from trusted sources, and it doesn’t stop there! I will continue to update the folder each month with new presets that I take pride, time and joy in making 🌟  

I recommend playing with the basic sliders still after applying the preset, especially adjusting exposure, shadows and highlights so you can get the best results possible 🌸


✓ Works with the Lightroom CC Desktop & Mobile Versions for Mac and Windows (.xmp)
✓ Some of the files will work with Lightroom Classic (.lrt)
✓ Works with Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw for Mac and Windows (.xmp)
✓ Works on JPG & Raw Image Formats
Thank you for supporting my work and taking the time to check out my store :) ♡

My Lightroom Presets (Full Collection)

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