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Sutton Park, Stuart Hilton Style Animation Test

I went out for a walk over Sutton Park, took my GoPro camera with me and recorded my entire journey. I then edited it down to the most interesting parts to animate in Stuarts style. The overlay technique I used for this meant I had to edit clips together, overlap them and lower opacity on multiple clips. This way, I found that I would be able to rotoscope everything all together at once rather than importing separate videos into Toon Boom. Finishing this animation test meant I was able to see if this overlay technique would work if I was to use it for my final animation. It's very difficult to handwrite text and animate it this way, I will be staying away from this unless I find a more effective way to animate this. I love the scenes with the cars and the wildlife, animating at 12fps works a lot better with things that move faster also. I used the animated crow flying away for 0:48 - 0:51 in "Our Story".

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