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Rotoscoped Fruit Dancers

All four rotoscoped dancers from "Our Story" with behind the scenes video showing before and after. Every strong memory is usually linked with something sensual alongside it. For example, my earliest memory involves me watching a solar eclipse when I was just 4 years old, I vividly remember eating jammy smiley faced biscuits at the time. Similar to just a year later when I remember travelling up Ben Nevis in a cable car with my parents, this time I was eating Party Rings.
Although this is a personal thought, I strongly feel that eating food, listening to a certain song or feeling a dramatic change in temperature will make it more likely to make a memorable moment last. This is why I chose a selection of fruit and vegetables to mask onto the dancers for this scene. Fruit and veg’ are both edible and comes in a wide variety of colours, also fitting into the poem theme at the point where the fruit dancers are shown.

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