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Cosplay Photography - Dabi

Stunning photos from a shoot with Matej Novakovic, cosplaying and modelling Dabi from the series My Hero Academia.


Camera 📸 Nikon D7100

Cosplay 👀 Dabi, My Hero Academia (Anime Series) Model 🌟 Matej Novakovic, Instagram: @shi_doku

Lighting 💡 Mactrem Ring Light

Editing ✒️ Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Location 🌎 Custard Factory, Birmingham


With the characters blue flames I thought It'd be great to add some smoke effects using smoke cakes, see some more behind the scenes videos below of the smoke. I used a higher aperture with low exposure to capture the model alone and the smoke lit up with a simple handheld ring light. Using a smoke brush preset in Photoshop I was able to sample colours from the real smoke and make it look more intense and even add new trails.

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