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24 Carat Gin Photography (Shoot 6) RR & Drake

Best Photos from the 6th Studio shoot with 24 Carat Gin, to celebrate the momentous 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost launch 24 Carat Gin were commissioned to provide limited edition bottles to mark this special occasion.

The one of a kind 24 Carat Gin Rolls Royce bottles were personalised and numbered and made some stunning photos. Distilled with 18 Oz gold and 24 Carat gold bars making it the smoothest gin on the market and the drink of choice for the luxury consumer. With this in mind customers buying the new Ghost will receive a bottle of 24 Carat Gin with their purchase, cementing 24 Carat's status as the Rolls-Royce of gins.

During the same week, Canadian rapper Drake had commissioned a bottle. Following the success of Rolls-Royce; 24 Carat Gin have produced a one of a kind design for the artist.


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