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BritQube Photography

BritQube is a bespoke storage solution that I had the pleasure of creating some really sleak and stylish content for.

They span from home storage to themed boxes and personalised designs. Lifestyle - possibly the biggest shoot I’ve ever done regarding props; Being a storage product, lifestyle shots for this would mean to recreate various occasions and themes that the box would be used for, especially since some of the box themes had very specific props just like the wedding and baby boxes.

Props for home included: DVDs, Books, Games.

Props for wedding and Memorial included: Cards, Invitations, Medals, Trophies,

Props for Baby boxes included: Soft blankets, plush toys and books.

Props for Home boxes included: Games, Makeup and DVD collections.

Studio - Inspiration for the studio shots were geometric and colour contrasting brands like BeautyBay and The White Company. For variation of shots I decided to use the lid and position of the box to create as many different shapes so that the shots didn't look too similiar to each other.

360 Shots - Shot to look like 3D models of the box, I positioned each face of the box facing straight towards the camera whilst shooting on a tripod and remote shutter, this gave me a clean and organsied look.

Warehouse Shots - I was also invited along to the Birmingham Case Makers warehouse to take some behind the scenes photos for content on the BritQube website.


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