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October Mixed Cosplay Photoshoot (Incomplete)

Some more recent portraiture work of cosplayers taken over at a lovely location at Castlegate park in Dudley

Camera 📸 Sony A7III ( 85mm Prime lens)

Cosplayers 👀 Sky - @x.twilight_sky.cosplays (Langa, Sk8 Infinity)

Meggi - @meggi_cosplays (Reki, Sk8 Infinity)

Azariah - @Skeriah_ (KDA Ahri, League of Legends)

Rhi - @Pretty_lil_cosplayz (Sabrina)

Fran - @Francesca_cosplays (Ayato, Diobolik Lovers)

Lighting 💡 Natural lighting

Editing ✒️ Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Luminar AI & HDR

Location 🌎 Castlegate Park, Dudley


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